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Genocure® Tubular Compression Bandage for Thick Thighs Ref. 60G

Heat-sealed package – Code: 232819.8


Genocure® Tubular Compression Bandage for Thick Thighs is a unisex bandage for cases of bruising, edema, inflammation and other conditions on large thighs.

Characteristics of Genocure® Tubular Compression Bandage for Thick Thighs:
Ref: 60G
Length: 100 cm
Width At Rest: 12 cm
Maximum Width: 38.1 cm
Perimeter: 36-46 cm

1. Cut the bandage twice as long as the affected area
2. Place the first half on the affected area
3. Pull the other half over the first, placing it three fingers below where the first half ends, as shown in the picture

79% cotton, 21% latex with a double layer of polyester. Contains latex.

Always use in a double layer. If in doubt or if the patient’s condition worsens, stop the treatment and seek medical attention.
Keep away from sunlight in a dry place between 5 and 30°C.
Do not use in any case other than the uses described in “Trauma applications”.


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