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Genocure® Dermatological Nitrile Gloves

Code 208835.1 (Size S)
Code 208843.6 (Size M)
Code 208850.4 (Size L)
Code 334953.6 (Size XL)


Genocure® Dermatological Nitrile Gloves are hypoallergenic, latex-free, cadmium-free gloves, coated on the inside with 100% cotton.

They are highly effective in preventing allergic and irritative contact dermatitis.

Especially suitable for professionals, doctors and other healthcare workers, cooks, homemakers, etc.

Rubber gloves directly on the skin can cause allergic contact dermatitis. Previously irritated, dry, cracked skin facilitates sensitization to rubber.

Dermatological nitrile gloves, coated on the inside with a light layer of cotton, are highly effective in all these cases.

Their use is recommended in cases of contact dermatitis caused by rubber or latex gloves.

One pair of nitrile gloves. The outside is made from nitrile material, with cotton flocking on the inside.
Does not contain latex.

Rinse well with water and hang to dry. Protect from heat and sunlight. Avoid contact with organic solvents.


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