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Genocure® Dermatological Cotton Gloves

Size S Code: 335414.1
Size M Code: 335406.6
Size L Code: 302059.6


Genocure® Dermatological Cotton Gloves are 100% cotton gloves that protect against allergens and irritants and ensure that creams work effectively.

Especially suitable for professionals, doctors and other healthcare workers, cooks, homemakers, etc.

Rubber gloves directly on the skin can cause allergic contact dermatitis. Previously irritated, dry, cracked skin facilitates sensitization to rubber.

The use of 100% cotton gloves is highly effective in all these cases. Their use is recommended for covering hands in need of intensive treatment.

It is recommendable to use them underneath rubber or latex gloves or after applying Genové Hand Cream.

One pair of dermatological, hypoallergenic, 100% cotton gloves.
Does not contain latex.

Wash with warm water and mild detergent. Sterilizable by conventional methods.


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